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The motto of the Moravians was Unitas Fratrum, latin for “The Unity of the Brethren.” It is our conviction that the Moravian model of Prayer + Community (petitioning the Lord 2×2, hour-by-hour, 24/7 for 100 years) is a powerful “hidden seed” awaiting modern expression. As interconnected prayer communities, we are convinced that the time for harvesting this seed in America is now. We have the vision, we have a plan. We have begun! Join us on this great quest for a new Unitas Fratrum of corporate, contending prayer across America.



The Bulova Watch and our St. Louis Story: Renewing the Moravian Lampstand.



Over the last decade, Lou Engle founded a small network of contending Houses of Prayer in various strategic locations across America. Many battles were fought in prayer, many victories were won. Even so, a cohesive strategy seemed elusive. From Aug. 8-12, 2013, leaders from across the nation gathered to contemplate how we would move forward at a corporate level to maximize the full scope and promise of this network. At that time, we adopted a new name, Ekklesia Prayer Communities (EPC). In this same period of time, Darrian Summerville, now the Director of Moravian Watch, had a series of encounters that significantly defined how our family of prayer would come to understand it’s new beginning and next long-term mission. While our DNA is contending prayer, our value system is heavily relational. In the story that unfolded, these two notions would soon be fused in a new way. Earlier in the year, before the St. Louis gathering, a luxury Bulova watch had been given to Darrian as a surprise gift. Read more of the amazing Bulova Watch story Here.

“The leaders of the Moravian Watch are some of my most trusted friends,
and carry my heart for this generation. If you want to help us shape history,
join this great family of affection and faith as we raise a mighty ‘Moravian Lampstand’
across America, train up a new generation of history makers,
and seek God for true transformation in our communities!”
— Lou Engle, founder of TheCall

The Team


Darrian Summerville | Executive Director

Linda Zampieri | Senior Leadership

Missy Pennington | Senior Leadership

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