The Power of Rehearsing

“And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony.” Revelation 12:11a

Feeling tired or discouraged in your prayers? It may be time for a rehearsal.

In Israel’s history, we see a pattern so familiar to times in our own walk of faith. We see God meet the desperate cry of His people with an outstretched arm in the form of signs, wonders and mighty deliverance. In their awestruck wonder, Israel built monuments so that for generations to come, these stories would stay alive as reminders of God’s faithfulness.

Little by little though, the reality of those miracles faded on the consciousness of God’s people. They forgot their story. But more than that, they forgot what those stories told them about their Mighty God. Without fail, their hearts would become discouraged and they’d find themselves giving room to the enemy where they had once stood their ground.

Not so with us. With the power of the blood and testimony on our lips, we can defy the paralysis of discouragement and wage war as overcomers in the authority of Christ.

Let’s rehearse the testimony of who God has shown Himself to be in His Word. Let’s celebrate the display of His faithfulness in our lives and in the lives of people around us. He has done great things and He will do it again.


God, I choose today to rehearse the stories of Your faithfulness. May we be a people who contend with the sword of the Lord in our hands and high praise in our mouths (Psalms 149:6)! May we carry the stories of a split Red Sea even as we circle the Jericho walls of our time. You are faithful, and Your Word will not return to You void!

Hannah Savage ~ Senior Leadership Team