The Watchmen's Anointing

The Holy Spirit is divinely setting men and women as Watchmen on the walls of cities, communities, regions and whole nations across the earth (Isa. 62:6-7). One of the primary understandings of the role the Watchmen is grasping the reality that these individuals are often under a heavenly assignment or “prophetic task” from the Lord. The Watchmen must stand in the place of intercession to see and hear what the Spirit is saying to the Church. Another important task of the Watchmen is to sound the alarm whenever he sees the threat of an enemy encroaching the land.

Ezekiel was appointed by the Lord as one such Watchmen (Ezekiel 33:1-9). He was appointed by God to warn Israel of their sins. If he failed to warn them, the blood would be on his hands. However, if he warned the people and they failed to heed his warning then the blood would be on their hands.  

It takes an incredible amount of clarity and precision to trumpet the judgments and warnings of the Lord. I’m still learning this myself. I believe the anointing “to see” and “to blow” are gained after years of careful stewardship over God’s decrees and verdicts. God anoints us as we are continually obedient to our call and assignment. As part of the Moravian Watch we are called to hear and adhere to the Lord’s decrees.

Prayer: Father, anoint my eyes and ears to see and hear your rulings over that which you’ve given me influence over and deliver me from the fear of men that I might be your faithful messenger. Teach me to declare Your truth without reservation in Jesus name!

Darrian Summerville, Director of [M]Watch