[M]Watch Burn

This year we will be engaging in four quarterly prayer burns as a way to corporately unite with one another in spirit and body.  I look at these as four critical baptisms of "togetherness," where we burn with what's on the Holy Spirit's heart. In doing so, I believe we will grow much closer as a corporate prayer force, resulting in a greater degree of effective prayer!  

So yes, I'm praying for these watches to really benefit us in our assignment this year. They are designed to fortify and lift our souls as a praying body. In the end, my prayer is for our hearts to be strengthened and knitted together like never before, in brotherly love, as intercessors and prayer leaders.

Dates: February 23, May 11, August 10, November 9


"     A minimum of 3 people are to be on each watch hour.
"    There will be a maximum of no more than 4 people permitted to sign-up for slots within the first (2) hours (10:00pm-12:00am). (We are really going after the darkest hours of the night.)  However, we will then open it up to as many as possible for the remaining of the hours. 
"    Our senior leadership team will serve as the facilitators during each of the watch hours.
"    We will utilize Slack and the Nightwatch protocol to ensure a smooth transition from one hour to the next.