Introduction to the Watch

Learn more about the Moravian Watch, an interactive prayer strategy connecting 3-4 intercessors at a time using Google Hangout.

With the global prayer culture maturing in the Bridal Paradigm, the Moravian Watch seeks to bring maturity of masculine authority with contending, governmental intercession to tackle the great issues of our times. History belongs to the intercessor!

Timing & Flow

The global prayer movement is expanding, but there is a weakness: the Night Watch. Many Houses of Prayer do well through the day, but simply don't have the staff to cover the night. But what if we worked together for only an hour at a time?

Values & Etiquette

The Moravian Watch is growing, and you're invited. In this video, you can learn more about our values as well as practical matters related to a typical Watch hour: how does it work, how is it organized, what actually happens? Actually, it's easy. We value friendship and prayer.

The Moravian Watch is a fusion of authority and love, intercession and friendship. As we contend together with bold faith for kingdom breakthrough, we also want to honor and esteem one another. Intercessors feel things deeply. This video discusses how we can work together to build a culture of honor as we pray.

The Moravian Watch springs from a Matthew 16 paradigm of the revelation of Christ as the total basis of our authority in prayer. When we see Him as Lord of Hosts, when we operate in full revelation of Jesus the Christ of God, then we understand that 2-3 are more than enough to pray effectively.

Where is the Moravian Watch going? The possibilities are huge: to partner with God and man for acts of justice to be released into the earth. Join us!