Come join us as we celebrate 5 years of praying in the night. In August 2013, leaders from across the nation gathered in St Louis, Missouri at the Gatehouse House of Prayer for a strategic time of instruction and intercession. Led by Lou Engle, the leaders were challenged to their core to contend for union and relationship beyond just events and conferences. What followed was heaven downloading a divine prophetic blueprint to Darrian Summerville that contained a new model of prayer. Dean Briggs became the architect who helped put the prophetic puzzle pieces together. Hence, a divine strategy emerged that included the re-digging of the wells of a small Czechoslovakian prayer community called the “Moravians.” They were a band of night watchers, intercessors of the night. They became the catalysts to perhaps the greatest moves of God in the earth since the books of Acts. It's in this spirit that a new Moravian model of prayer was birthed 5 years ago. Join us as we revisit this prophetic story line that reaches from the halls of history and calls a new generation to the night watch for such a time as this.  

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